I started a blog

Reasons I started this blog: 1.My housemates said I should start one. 2. I liked that idea and decided to do it because what else am I gonna do as a student?

Don’t expect any emotional shit in here about my “feelings” (I put that in inverted commas because studies suggest feelings are just chemical reactions in the brain catered for by the corporate world. For example, can you think of any occasion for which a clinton card has not been manufactured? Spooky shit right there).

But do expect me to write about mundane stuff that happens to me, such as why I want to own a Harley and live amongst the mountain apes of Africa.

And if you ever laugh during one of my blogs, well then, I’m happy for you.

I can’t wait to get started with this shit cos apparently it’s practically being your own therapist and some of the psychology’s leading experts have yet to even DIAGNOSE me, let alone CURE me. If about ten posts from now you have the time on your hands to read through and find out what mental illness I have, then you’re more than welcome to comment and give me some drugs for it.