MEGA BURGER!!! (said in German accent)


Anyone who’s had to deal with the plight of a bad hangover will tell you how much better they felt  after eating some carb and fat rich food such as a bacon sarny, a full English breakfast or even a portion of fish and chips if you feel like pushing the boat out. How much of this is a placebo effect is up for debate, however you can’t deny the symptomatic relief that these aforementioned foods offer.

Those who have basic knowledge of the social patterns followed by myself and my housemates at university will know that Friday student night at Pure is a fast-growing tradition where alcohol is consumed in vast quantities and where students congregate in order relieve the stress at the end of another week of work.

Needless to say, this wonderful night has also resulted in many a hangover on a Saturday  and yesterday proved no different. Inspired by the horse meat scandal, we decided to cure these hangovers by going to Lidl, buying burgers, buns, cheese and bacon in bulk and gorging on the product that was created after cooking them. This product goes by the name of none other than MEGA BURGER!!!!!!!


MEGA BURGER!!! proved nothing but a resounding success in curing our hangovers, proving teamwork makes your dream work and starting a new house tradition.

What MEGA BURGER!!! involved was 3 students cooking 9 burgers, 9 rashers of bacon, a load of mushrooms & onions and cutting open 9 bread rolls. As you can guess, this resulted in 3 burgers each. The process of preparing and cooking these magnificent burgers can only be described as a slick and well-oiled military operation which resulted in the most satisfying and tasty meal that Portsmouth Student Ghetto has ever experienced.

To sum up the events that transpired, I shall say that what we learned is that new traditions are constantly being invented (and MEGA BURGER!!! is a fucking brilliant new tradition) also, the skill and team work we displayed in collectively creating MEGA BURGER!!! just goes to show that the Blitz Spirit is still alive in this country.


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